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Above the flashy looks and minimalist layout which is squarely aimed at warm weather sailors, there is passion and quality, from the design to the build and finish. The designer has performance in his blood and really cares about the product.

The yard has a classic semi-custom approach born from knowledge and experience. And it is headed up by a passionate leader in love with sailing and speed. Above all there is underlying sense of pride,which shines out of Ice Yachts. It is what the company is formed on and what it´s owner buy into.
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ICE YACHTS – a yacht to be proud of
ICE YACHTS is a premium class semi-custom carbon yachts, elegant, stiff and fast, with a high constructive quality of the true Made in Italy.
Hull and deck standard lamination is full carbon or hybrid carbon-glass fiber, vacuum infused from a female mold and post cured with heat. The structures, also infused, are built directly on board. This choice in not only minimizing the weight, but it also improves the overall structural strength and resilience, hence allowing to withstand the high loads experienced under sailing power.
Everything starts with a hull
All ICE yachts have a Weldox fin with high mechanical properties, and a lead bulb CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machined that offer appendices' weight reduction and improves the righting moment.

As a result of a great optimization both close hauled and reaching. The rudder studied with an innovative program, offers an optimal control of the boat even in the most extreme conditions, making sure safety it is always ICE's main target.
Designing and assembling of all the systems is extremely relevant on the success of our Yachts. We do analyse where to put all the components and how to access them, as they will need to be serviced in the future. Everything needs to be accessible in the easiest way possible, the connections along the boat will need to be well planned and rationally laid.
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Our Mission: To produce boats on which our owners can sail as many miles as possible, cruising or racing, with safety and comfort but especially with high VMG.
Keel and rudder — underwater wings of the yacht
Ice is a relatively new brand , but one that uses a tried and tested designer and shipyard. Its boats are drawn by Umberto Felci and built at the former CN Yachts 2000, a 30-years-old yard near Milan, responsible for more than 80 large custom or semi-custom yachts.
I bought it (CN Yacht 2000 shipyard)
because I could´t find a yard with a quality I wanted
— Marco Malgara, ICE Yachts founder, for Yachting World magazine
Weght is a big priority at Ice Yachts, it´s yachts are built using a resin-infused mix of glass and carbon fibre as standart. The sailing weight of the 60 is just 18.7 tonnes, including anchor and 75m of chain.
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