Your Racing Project

how it works

First step is to define a list of boat models. For this we determine
- the initial budget of the project,
- provisional calendar of races,
- the level of comfort.
From this we determine the range of models of yachts.
Then we find a suitable boat on the market, make a plan for the upgrade. We also will help to make a contract, buy a boat, and to register it.
After buying a boat in accordance with the upgrading plan we prepare the yacht for the racing season.
We help with a final calendar of races.
We are designing and ordering a racing form for the crew.
We register a boat for the race and check that everything in the boat fits to the Notice of Race
We help to find a skipper, tactician and crew
We agree with an official photographer of the race about fotos.
Leave your mail and we will contact you in the next 24 hours.

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